Our jewelry is handmade in 18k gold. You can choose between yellow, rosé or white gold. But what does this number mean? What is the difference between all these types of gold? Can I shower with my jewelry on? Here are 5 answers to frequently asked questions and facts you need to know about gold.


1. What does 18k gold mean?
In measuring gold we use the term karat as a measuring therm. The higher the karat, the closer it is to pure gold. 
 18k gold is about 75% pure gold. Why not 100% you might ask? That’s because the next grade of pure gold is 24k, which is way too soft to make jewelry with. You’ll find 24k gold used in restoration of historical churches or interiors for example. 


2. Yellow, Rosé or White gold
 18k has a beautiful golden hue for a brighter and richer appearance. It also comes in rosé or white gold. White gold is usually mistaken as silver, which contains other characteristics. The different colors become during the processing of gold.
3. Is it appropriate to mix different colors gold?
Some may tell you that you can’t mix different types of gold but here is my advice to you:

 “To me, everything is possible. Mix, match every color of gold, gemstones, styles, what so ever. Just do and wear whatever YOU like and what makes YOU happy. Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise!”

4. Can I shower with my Jewelry?
Sure! 18k gold jewelry is durable for everyday use. I personally never take it off. Did you know that your jewelry also needs a bath from time to time? Pass by our store and we’ll clean it for you in a few minutes!



5. Gold will last forever
With gold you actually invest in something that will last a lifetime and beyond. It never goes out of style, it has been used for decades and that’s why it’s always a good idea. For a long time people are buying beautiful jewelry and pass it on through the generations of their family.

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