Always wanted to know the meaning of your gemstone(s)? Or want to give a present with a special meaning? Trough decades gemstones always had a meaning, weather it was symbolic, spiritual, healing prosperities or uses. Some of them represent a character, birth month or mood. Our Gemstone Guide will get you through the symbolic meaning of our gemstones.
 Sky Blue
Topaz is a symbol of love and affection. It has been said to be an aid to one’s sweetness and disposition.
This soft Sky Blue color definitely will bright up your day. It matches every single color it meets. A true must-have!
If you’re about to get married, this one could be your ‘something blue’. Which symbolizes purity, love and fidelity.
Birthstone of December
Rubies are often associated with wealth and prosperity. Many ancient crowns where decorated with them. Ruby is a lustrous, deep red stone. Through ages, ruby has represented nobility, purity and passion.
A ruby is a real eye catcher. The contrast with 18k yellow gold is just breathtaking.
This gemstone represents the birthstone of July.
This green one is known as the stone of compassion. Peridot has the uncanny ability to inspire expressiveness and creativity. It also bights delight and good cheer.
Peridot has an eye-catching sparkle, yet it is very easy to combine. 
This green gemstone is August’s birthstone
 Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, emotional healing and self-love. The pink color opens the heart to wisdom. For a long time, and still it is associated with unconditional love and friendship.
The variations between the different shades of pink makes every tourmaline unique. Pink Tourmaline matches almost every other color.
It’s the birthstone of October.
London Blue Topaz
An other one! This one is a darker Topaz. It is known as the stone of love and loyalty. This particular shade represents the eternal romance and friendship. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one!
This vibrant color will definitely catch everyone’s eye.
London Blue Topaz represents the birthstone of November.
Due to its warm colors, citrine gemstones evoke images of warmth, sun and illumination. As a result, these gemstones have been symbols of romance, positivity and happiness for hundreds of years.
It makes the perfect classic piece of fine jewelry when it’s blending in with 18k gold.
This one is also the birthstone of November (also very nice to combine with London Blue Topaz!)
The stone carries the spirit of journey, dreams, intuition, exploration and illumination. Iolite helps you to express your true self.
This is a beautiful night sky blue color with a little purple shine depending on the lightning. A classic bright color with a subtle spark.
Unfortunately not all the gemstones are associated with a month of birth, just like the Iolite. But don’t worry! It only means that everyone, despite their birth month can wear this blue-ish gemstone!
 Green Tourmaline
The green tourmaline is linked to happiness. It inspires compassion, tenderness, patience, and nurtures a sense of belonging.
A real eye-catcher but in a very classy way! The variations between light and dark shades of green will never disappoint.
No birth month to associate with…but wear it for some happy vibes everyday of the year!
The garnet symbolized friendship and love. Its meaning goes back to the heart, blood, inner fire and life force! Such a powerful and beautiful gemstone.
This fancy and classic color is a real timeless piece yet very bold. You will definitely love this one forever, trust me!
Garnet is the birthstone of the very first month of the year: January!
The Amethyst represent purification and connection. The meaning of this gemstone is attached to serenity, understanding, trust and grace.
This rich and royal color is a real fashion piece. Choose your favorite shade from light to deep purple.
Amethyst is the birth stone of February babies!
This gemstone will guide you trough inspiration, love and emotional healing. It will encourage kindness and compassion. It will also boost your self-love glow.
Rhodolite is the perfect mix of pink, red and purple shades. This gemstone truly changes color depending on its surroundings.
If you’re born in July – this is a must-have!
 Lab Grown Diamonds
Last but not least.. a very special one: Lab Grown Diamond. As traditionally seen this one is also the symbol of true love and associated with strength and health.
As a wise woman once said: Diamonds are a girl’s best fiend! Timeless, elegant, sparkly and stunning.
If you born in April, this is your birth stone! But we think that everyone deserves diamonds.
Find more about this our Lab Grown Diamonds here.